Today, our miracle continues to grow and make daily improvements. There are so many people that have helped us thoughout Peyton's incredible journey. We are forever gratefull to the amazing…

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October 27th

On October 27th, she was readmitted to CHOP for a surgery to help control her reflux and place a feeding tube in her stomach. Luckily, she made it home just…

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June 27th

On June 27th, after 88 days of the scariest roller coaster ride of our lives, Peyton came home to Sea Isle to breathe the great Sea Isle City salt air!

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May 13th

Then on May 13th, Peyton took another step towards coming home when they took her off of the ventilators. She was now on her own to breath. This was also…

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May 8th

After 13 long days, Dr. Liechty took her off of ECMO. Now it was up to her lungs to keep her blood oxygenated. Slowly (very slowly) but surely, her swelling…

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April 17th

While on ECMO, Peyton swelled to about twice her size. It was painful to see. She was so sensitive to light that they kept her face covered. They also put…

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April 4th

On Peyton's fourth day of life, Dr. Liechty performed surgery to put her organs back where they should be and close the hole in her diaphragm with a gortex patch.…

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March 31st

After 34 days of endless prayers, well wishes from friends, and much medical intervention, Debbie was considered full term (37 weeks) and the doctors decided to induce her. It was…

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